Niagara Chocolate Spring Fundraiser

Our Niagara Chocolate Spring Fundraiser is here! It started February 11th and runs through March 1st. All orders will be delivered by April 1st, 2019 in time for Easter.

When orders are turned into the office March 1, please be sure to make one check payable to Parma Kids and DO NOT collect sales tax.

We have partnered with Niagara Chocolate for 20 years for our Spring fundraiser because they offer a high quality chocolate, fifty percent profit for our school, and they are great company to work with.

This year our goal is to sell $2,000 of chocolate for a profit of $1,000 for our school. We plan to use the money raised to purchase new equipment for our gym.

Pay through bank account

We now offer the option of paying directly through your bank account!  Make your payments easier by receiving your weekly or monthly invoice to your email and pay directly through your bank account without any fees.  If you are interested in this option please see Caryn or Pam in the office and provide us with the email you would like to use.