Current Fundraisers

Save Around 

Our Fall Save Around fundraiser began August 29th this year.  Save Around is a coupon book that can be purchased not only for the Rochester area, but also cities around the US.  It offers you great local coupons and an easy save on the go app with your purchase.  If you, your family members, or frineds would like to order one, they make great holiday gifts.  Remember, if you sell 5, the 6th one is free!

Click here to order Save Around online 


Every Fall we partner with Deconinck Farms to bring you beautiful Mums for your Fall decorating or gift giving.  Each year the Deconinck grows striking mums in a vibrant purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, and white.  They deliver fresh mums throughout our fundraiser, so you get an amazing plant that will flourish.  If you plant them in the ground, you can enjoy them for many years each Fall.  If you place your order before Friday morning, they will be delivered the following Monday.

$7.50 each, 3 for $21, or 5 for $32