Monthly Plans

Two Year Old Class

September: Transportation
October: Pumpkins and Faces
November: Turkeys and Thanksgiving
December: Christmas
January: Five Senses
February: Snowmen and Winter
March: Plants and Seeds
April: Colors
May: Zoo Animals
June: I Am Growing

Special events include an Open House in October with a program for parents; Thanksgiving Tasting Feast with parents in November; Christmas Program for parents in December; Parent/Teacher conferences in February; all-school art show in March; zoo field trip in May; and an all-school picnic and Promotion Ceremony in June.

The Two Year Old Class learns age-appropriate tasks while learning to play, listen to stories, and work in a group.

Three Year Old Class

September: Water & Air
October: Apples
November: Pilgrims and Thanksgiving
December: Christmas
January: Circus
February: Nutrition & Health Care
March: Nursery Rhymes
April: Family and Friends
May: Farm Animals
June: End of Year Projects

Special events include a trip to an apple farm and an Open House and program for parents in October; Thanksgiving and Tasting Feast with parents in November; Christmas program for parents in December; Circus for parents in January; Parent/Teacher conferences in February; art show and visit from a nurse in March; Springdale Farm in May; all school picnic and Promotion Ceremony in June.

The Three Year Old Class practices age-appropriate skills that help them feel good about themselves and the tasks they can accomplish. They do their own cutting and pasting, and they try tracing as a pre-writing skill. They learn to work together with adults and peers to complete a task. Their attention span is slowly increased as they sit to listen to stories and participate in group activities.

Four/Five Year Old Class/ UPK

September: Insects and Bugs/ Transportation
October: Safety & Fire Prevention/ Our Community and Its Helpers
November: Native Americans and Thanksgiving/ Shapes and Healthy Living
December: Christmas Around the World
January: Classification/ Polar Animals
February: Our Bodies/ Famous People
March: Rodeo/ Rockets & Space
April: Night and Day/ Birds
May: Pets/ Seeds & Plants
June: Dinosaurs/ End of Year Projects

Special events include a trip to an apple farm in September; a walking tour of Hilton; Open House and a Police Officer’s visit in October; trip to the Rochester Museum and Science Center, Thanksgiving Tasting Feast with parents in November; Christmas Program in December; The Mitten play for parents in January, Parent/Teacher conferences in February; Rodeo for parents in March; Rochester Planetarium in April; pet store in May; and in June we have an all school picnic and evening Graduation Ceremony for four and five year olds.

The four year old is prepared for Kindergarten in a variety of ways – the most important is having a positive feeling about school and themselves. They will practice getting along with others in a group, writing their name and other fine motor skills, learning to listen for longer periods of time to stories and instructions, memorizing songs, finger plays and Bible verses, and making art projects that correlate with the monthly units. The develop listening skills and gross motor skills in gym class through dance, group games and individual skills.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten class times and locations are determined by the Hilton Central School District. Our current Morning class is a UPK program.

Academic Skills In All Classes

Fine Motor Skills: cutting, tracing, writing, coloring

Gross Motor Skills: individual skills and group games

Academic Skills: colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and ten units of study each year

Arts and Crafts: exploring and creating using paper, paint, wood, fabric, yarn, crayons and glue. Art reinforces the skills taught in each unit.

Language Development and Music songs, finger plays, show & tell

Bible Stories coordinated with units to show God’s love and provision for us