Fundraising helps keep tuition affordable.




Save Around Rochester Coupon Books are on sale now and are only $25!  If you have friends in other cities, we can order those for them, too.  Consider a purchase to help support Parma Kids.

Cities are listed on the back of the envelope that your sample book came in.  You can also view the cities and purchase books by clicking here.


Entertainment Books are our fall fundraiser.  They sell for $25 each.  We will send one home for you to use to sell.  It will help our tuition to remain lower if we can sell at least 100 each year.  They are already in stock and can be used immediately and until December 30, 2018.  It helps to let friends and neighbors know before other groups begin selling them.  Please return the book if you are not able to sell them.  Some people were able to sell several at work last year.  Entertainment books have already arrived. Be the first to sell before other schools get their books. We will get them to you if you sell some before school begins. Just let us know!



Flea Market

We have our own flea market here at Parma Kids in April, you will have an opportunity to rent your own space &/or table to sell your own goods!  This year it is April 14, 2018.  Want to rent a space? Download the form here.


Niagara Chocolate for Easter Candy
Easter Catalogs usually arrive in January or February to give us plenty of time to sell and have candy arrive in time for Easter.  This year the candy will be delivered on March 20, 2018.


Niagara Chocolate Bars

We currently have candy bars for sale for $1 each.  You may take a box if you would like to sell them at your work or to family and friends.  There’s 50 assorted candy bars per box.



Each April we have a raffle. We are looking for items, services (free haircut, etc,) to add to the raffle. Please let us know if you have anything to donate.