Illness Information

 Program Sick Policy Guidelines

As you know, the safety and well-being of our children, families, and staff is our top priority. We created this resource in our website to address your questions and provide you with our company policy.

Our goal is to maintain our regular schedule in our preschools as well as our daycare and school age program as long as it is safe to do so. The safety and well-being of our children, families and staff is our top priority. We recognize that when our children get sick it can be difficult to manage.

Illness Policy:

Parma Kids Preschool & Child Care Center follows the same guidelines set for our local school districts. If your child is sick, please keep them home. We make every effort to prevent the spread of germs through hand washing, sanitizing toys and surfaces, teacing children to cover coughs, and modeling such behavior.

Even with preventative measures, children will still get sick.

If your child develops a fever of 100.0 or greater we will notify you so that you can make arrangements for your child to be picked up from our school/daycare. Children must be fever free without the use of medication for 24 hours before they can return to school.

Other symptoms which would warrant sending your child home would be two or more uncontained stools (diarrhea) that are not explained by dietary changes, or if your child vomits.

More serious infections or illnesses may require a physician to clear your child to return to Parma Kids.